• Quinceañera means "one who is fifteen". The Quinceañera is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday, marking her passage from childhood to womanhood.

    Today, a quinceañera is a celebration of thanksgiving for a young girl's life and her passage into womanhood. Her parents, relatives, and friends ask God to pour his blessings and protection upon here as she matures into a young woman.

    The celebration is not a sacrament. The Quinceañera service is an act of thanksgiving for Life and Faith, crowned by God's blessing. It is an opportunity for the young girl to consolidate her commitment to her faith.

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  • Religious Requirements

    • The Quinceañera must have received the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation (or preparing for Confirmation).

    • The Quinceañera must be enrolled in CCD.  If the Quinceañera is currently in CCD, the Parish Catechitical Leader (PCL) must provide a form stating that she has verified the quinceañeras participation in catechism classes.

    • The parents of the Quinceañera must be members of a Parish.

    • Parents will need to provide a member letter from their parish if they are not members of St. Robert's Catholic Church.

    • Parents are welcomed to become members of St. Robert's Catholic Church.


    • Honorees and their attendants/court must dress modestly.
    • Sleeveless or strapless dresses are stronglydiscouraged. This includes both the honoree and all attendants/members of the court.
    • Dresses must be at least knee length.
    • Honorees or attendants who arrive in dresses that are sleeveless or strapless must wear a shawl or other suitable cover-up.
    • No visible cleavage, bare midriffs, short length, high slits, skin-tight, low cut necklines, or backless gowns are allowed.
    • This is not appropriate for the presence of Christ or a sacred celebration. Non-compliance will result in the loss of your deposit. If necessary, you may need to purchase one dress that is appropriate for the church and another for the party afterward.
    • If you have questions as to whether or not a dress is appropriate, contact Father Philip Brune before purchasing.